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    About Us

    Our Premise

    Accessing water anywhere on the planet has always been our objective!  We enjoy adventure and prefer accessing fishing waters away from the masses. We knew we needed a raft lean enough for packing and portability, but also solid enough to handle the rigors involved navigating rivers, oceans and lakes. By reducing the size and weight of our rafts, we believe we've created an inflatable worthy of handling most water conditions. Portability means "no trailers needed". Portability and versatility matter. Our rafts perform!

    Our Boat Maker

    JPW, located in Aztec, NM, USA, is where all FastEddy Rafts are produced.  Anybody affiliated with the industry knows Jack Kloepfer is the guru of raft making. He is truly a pioneer and master when it comes to building inflatables.

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    Our Rafts

    We asked JPW to make us a raft utilizing our specifications and their technology. Importing the best PVC fabric from Israel, JPW has constructed  a raft that tracks extremely well and performs flawlessly in high or low water conditions. His design and our specs are a proven winner. Jack's drop stitched floors are one of a kind. They are the most rigid and stable floors on the market. No decking or casting platforms are necessary with our rafts! The evidence is air pressure. Our floors require 5 psi of air pressure. Others need 15 psi. This is definitely a case where more isn't better.

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